Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let Your Little One Know That They Are The Prince Or Princess Of Your Eye With These Royal British Baby Names

Happy news is around the corner when you are searching for baby names. Are you looking for a distinct, unique name or popular celebrity names for your little one? Why don’t you cut across these usual trends and choose a name which is steeped in history and heritage and also has a royal touch to it? Treat your little one like a prince or princess by giving them a regal name. One does not have to be in the line of succession to have a royal name. Many names have travelled through generations of British Royal History. Lets us look at some of the interesting royal baby names used by the British Royals.

One popular and timeless name that always stands out and has a royal sound to it is Edward. Just before the Norman Quest, the King of England was Saint Edward the Confessor. Being a just and popular ruler, his name has stood through time, even when most Old English names were replaced by Norman ones. It is derived from the Old English of Eadweard where ead stands for “wealth” and weard stands for “guardian” giving its meaning as “wealthy guardian or happy guardian”. Eight English Kings including the son of Henry III carried the name of Edward.

Since the Norman Conquest, many Norman names have found its way into England. One strong name that has become famous with time is William, It became popular after William the Conqueror became the first Norman King of England in the medieval period. Derived from its German origin of Willahelm where wil stands for “will, desire” and helm stands for “protection” giving its meaning as “resolute protector”. Three English Kings as well as Prince William, the son of the present Prince of Wales carry forward this royal name.

Ever since Queen Victoria, who had the longest reign in the British Monarchy, the name Victoria has become very popular. Not originally of English origin, the Queen was named after her mother of German Royalty. It has a Latin origin with the meaning of “victory” and denotes the goddess of victory in Roman Mythology. It is a very popular name for girls due to the fact that it represents strength and the feminine form of a Victor.

Mary, Queen of Scot in the 16th century introduced the name Charles to Great Britain by bestowing it upon her son Charles James. Originally derived from its German form Karl which means “full-grown man” it has the meaning of “strong or warrior”. Charlotte is its feminine form. This name has its origin in English, French and German and can be seen through royal histories of not only Britain, but also France, Spain, Portugal and Hungary. The present Prince of Wales is called by the name Charles.

A name is something which your little one will respond to for an entire lifetime. Since they are already a prince or princess to you, why not give them a befitting name? So if you wish to break the monotony of a common name, give him/her a rich history and tradition to associate with their names by choosing one from the history of Great Britain.